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This post is from Scott.

Americans and American wines are known throughout the world as adhering to the premise of Bigger is Better. Napa cabernets and chardonnays are in general the epitome of this, but in truth this has crept into wines up and down the west coast. Whether it is cab or syrah or pinot noir, or pick your favorite white, the story is the same – jammy, sappy, oaky, and/or high alcohol. But I’ve never been more shocked by this than when I tasted a rosé from a very well known PNW winery the other night. I know this isn’t exactly rosé season, but I was surprised to see it on the shelf so I bought it. I laughed on the first taste – it had tons of residual sugar, added acidity, and it was spritzy. Everything you would expect from an American rosé trying to emulate those refreshing rosés from France , but in an in-your-face, outrageously obvious kind of way. It was not refreshing, but I’m sure your kids would like it because it tasted just like strawberry soda.

I wondered, why would anyone make a rosé that tastes like that?

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